How not to Hire an Embezzling Paralegal

Good help is hard to find. This has been especially true for former California-based lawyer Brian Ching. Ching’s secretary for 17 years, Ana Lissa Reyes, was recently indicted for embezzling approximately $327,000 from Ching’s law firm. Reyes worked nearly two decades in the office as office manager, secretary, and paralegal. Over the course of the […]

The Shrinking Middle Class

    For a while, the middle class was large, strong, and a market to reckon with in planning new products and services.  Even if they did not possess the highest purchasing power, they had the numbers and the possibilities going for them, or so it seemed.  For a while, the choice was not only […]

China and its “fake” industry

A friend of mine recently showed me the infamous HiPhone — the China-made iPhone clone that you just have to see to believe. It may not have the newfangled technologies that Apple’s iPhone may have but the HiPhone’s manufacturer really did a good job of imitating the whole look of Apple’s Jesus Phone. It will […]

Capitalists, health systems and the prisons

I was working late last night and since I was getting sleepy, I decided to turn the TV on to break the silence that was beginning to lull me to sleep. The program that caught my attention was a relatively old episode of Lockdown. For those of you who don’t know this program, it’s a […]

People cashing in on Jacko’s death

The King of Pop is dead. Michael Jackson died almost a month ago but the circus that has surrounded his life still hounds him to his death. It’s funny how people are trying to cash in on his death — something that people have already been doing when he was alive. Just look at eBay […]