In 2013, Italy, Spain and Britain had a sizable increase in their GDP calculations compared to previous years. Reports that came out this year showed Spain with a 2.5% raise, from €26.2 billion to €1.05 trillion. The United Kingdom’s GDP likewise had a boost of 0.9 percent from April to June 2014, quite a rapid rise, thanks to illegal drugs and prostitution.  Not coincidentally, for the first time, these black market trades are being figured in officially in UK’s computation of its gross domestic product estimate.  Italy is a latecomer, and will only start including illegal drug sales and prostitution in its GDP estimates in 2014. It is an ironic twist of fate that all three countries have a Catholic background, with Italy and Spain having a predominantly Roman Catholic population. England broke away from Rome and the Catholic Church in the 16th century but majority of its people still practice Christianity. Continue reading »

An infographic looking at small businesses in California in 2014.

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Shoebox, your admninistrative assistance

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Japan and China are neighbors in the East Asian region. They are both dominant nations particularly in terms of their economy and military. These two countries boast of having the largest economies in Asia.

The relationship between Japan and China, however, has been marred by disputes in recent years. Various issues covering post war conflicts, territorial and political disputes have been highlighted by the media putting the two countries under scrutiny by nations around the world.


History of the Japanese-Chinese Relations

Geographically, Japan and China are situated near each other and separated by a narrow stretch of ocean.

Not many people know that China had a strong influence over Japan. This covers its architecture, culture, writing system, religion and philosophy. Continue reading »

If you find your business floundering at the end of each month, the time could be right for a change. If you’re having more and more difficulty making forecasts regarding sales, an ERP system may be right up your alley. You could take a risk and just deal with business failure afterwards but it’s much better not to let that happen. If you’re still unsure as to whether or not your business is ready for one, here are some helpful clues that will let you know if an ERP system will work for you. Continue reading »

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Recession may have encouraged people to think more before jumping into business but it has not been successful in completely obliterating interest in putting up businesses.  It would appear that there will always be people who will try to put up businesses in spite of hard times.  This is just as well since there is more danger when humans totally give up on finding a way to make an honest living.  However, these enterprising people should not plunge blindly and consider opting for businesses that can withstand bad economic times.

These businesses are often called recession-proof business; simply meaning that these businesses have the ability of surviving the most difficult economic conditions.  There are even businesses that actually thrive on difficult times.  Employed people should consider being part of these industries as well to protect themselves from lay-off.

The candy business can easily be dismissed by many as a minor industry.  Many people will be surprised to know that the candy industry was able to register one of the highest profit margins during recession.  It seems that weary people turn to sweets for comfort.  Believe it or not, luxury items such as signature bags and shoes continue to enjoy high sales even during recession specifically those that cater to the ultra-rich.  This would mean the group of people that are not affected by hard times.

Businesses catering to vices seem to enjoy continued patronage as well probably to some escape mechanism that many people resort to.  Thrift stores also enjoy brisk business during difficult economic times and still continue to do since most would have learned the hard way that there is much sense in saving money.   Recession proof jobs are found in government, utility services, education, healthcare, and information technology.

As the recent hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc in many homes in the U.S., people are asking what type of damages can their home insurance cover? Is a basic coverage enough to protect them and their families?

For those who were affected and those who were spared, it’s about time you learn that not every home insurance can protect you from all kinds of damaged caused by natural calamities. Authorities in the industry pointed out that a basic policy only covers rain and water that get into your home through the roof, windows, doors and holes in the walls. It does not cover water that comes from the bottom such as a storm surge or an overflow from a river or lake or any body of water for that matter. This situation requires a separate flood insurance coverage.

Damage caused by a falling tree is normally covered. Your insurance company will generally pay you to fix the damage to your home. As for removal of the fallen tree, the amount may only be limited to a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,000. If the tree within your area falls but does not hit your house, no compensation will be provided.

If you get badly affected by any natural calamity in your area, it is strongly recommended that you contact your insurance agent right away to help you in the claim process. Inform the agent about your situation and keep a record of your communication whether by phone or email.
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Fossil Fuels, Alternatives, and Politics in 2012
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The use of fossil fuels has long been debated. In the U.S., some sectors are asking for its abolition owing to the pollution it brings. Fossil fuels include coal, natural gas and oil.

Coal is the most popular type of fossil fuel and the U.S. has 500 billion tons of coal reserves that’s estimated to last for up 240 years. Unfortunately, it releases hazardous chemicals such as carbon and sulful dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.

Subsidies for this fuel is also being hotly debated today. U.S. President Barrack Obama wants to stop the subsidy and instead calls for the use of clean energy technologies while Mitt Romney is in favor of developing fossil fuels. When it comes to nuclear energy, however, both are in the same boat.


Economic and political observers have been hinting at it for a while before it actually came – the rise of the 99% of the population which do not belong to the wealthiest 1% of society or at least a preview of it.    Occupy Wall Street (OWS) introduced itself to America on September 17, 2011 via the occupation of Zuccotti Park in Wall Street, the Financial District of New York City.  Before this however, the Occupy Movement has earlier introduced itself on July 30, 2011 in Kuala Lumpur.

Said to be a movement with no clear leaders as well as demands, it was initiated by a Canadian activist group known as Adbusters.  Its driving force is the perceived social and economic inequality resulting from the great disparity in the distribution of wealth, thus the now famous 1%  representing the biggest percentage of wealth controlled by a very few and the remaining 99% representing the rest of the population who are not as privileged.   There is a  belief among many that this situation has been made possible by the extraordinary influence the financial services sector has on government and the unabaited greed of certain corporations leading to widespread corruption.

The movement and its actions received mixed reactions although several surveys tend to show that the approval rates are more consistent than the disapproval.  Disapproval mainly came from people who believed that they earned their spot among the wealthiest through honest and hard work.  Concerns about sanitation, noise, and traffic because of the 2-month occupation of the park also partially account for the disapproval.  Over-all however, the sentiments of the movement are shared by many people all over the world  as evidenced by the growing list of Occupy Communities  spread across the globe.   Clearly, the Occupy Wall Street protest which was successfully removed from the park  last November 17, 2011 is not the end of the story. 


amino acids

Various financial experts, as reported by Reuters, Bloomberg and other creditable business news agencies are picking up on a story coming out of China, by CCM International Ltd- representing a new niche investment opportunity.

As the report states:

China has became an important production and consumption base of amino acids around the world with improvement in production technology and demand from downstream industries.

The new edition report, Future of Amino Acid Industry in China, based on the 2001 edition, will provide a comprehensive and deep analysis of China’s amino acid industry in terms of production and consumption situation of amino acid in China in 2010, financial analysis of major producers and import and export situation of amino acid in China. The highlight of this report making the report different from others is that through the financial analysis of major amino acid producers and SWOT analysis of amino acid industry in China, the report will make forecast on supply and demand of amino acid in China to 2015 and help investors better grasp commercial opportunities.

The report also introduced the four production technology, including fermentation method, enzyme method, chemical synthesis method and protein hydrolysis method, among which fermentation method is preferred by most amino acid producers around the world thanks to its low production cost. Nowadays, about 22 of amino acids have realized industrial production through fermentation method around the world. Among these amino acids, four major amino acids (methionine, lysine, tryptophan and threonine) are used as additives in feed industry.

With rapid growth of health care products’ market in the world, demand for special kinds of amino acids, such as taurine and citrulline, is increasing all the time; even some amino acids for medicine use are also applied in health care products. Glutamic acid represents the largest product segment within the amino acids market and are mainly used in human food as glutamate including MSG. More information on the major market and the development of other amino acids products can all be expected in CCM’s new report.

This is great news for companies in this sector, such as Ajinomoto!

Web hosting has made it possible for anyone from anywhere in the world to host their own designed websites on the server that they provide for exchange of a small amount of money and hence make these websites accessible worldwide through World Wide Web. It is because of the advancement of such technologies that such services have become so popular in the recent times.

Many websites on the net allow you to share videos as well as download them free. You can also upload your own video free at all these websites and make it accessible for any person sitting in any corner of the world. All this is possible because of web hosting of such sites that makes it accessible over the World Wide Web.

Now through live streaming and video uploads you can share your video in the matter of a few seconds and all you need to have for that is a simple internet connection. You can also make your own website where you can upload videos but when you go for hosting such a site on the internet then you should at first read web hosting reviews on various sites in order to determine which service will be best for you. Setting up a website for uploading videos needs a web hosting service with relatively large bandwidth and storage space and hence you must decide which web hosting service is best for you. Web hosting reviews available on the net are generally impartial and you may rely on them for taking your decision.


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