Using Prostitution and Illegal Drugs To Increase A Country’s GDP: Is It A Moral Issue?


In 2013, Italy, Spain and Britain had a sizable increase in their GDP calculations compared to previous years. Reports that came out this year showed Spain with a 2.5% raise, from €26.2 billion to €1.05 trillion. The United Kingdom’s GDP likewise had a boost of 0.9 percent from April to June 2014, quite a rapid […]

Small Business Optimism Creates Growth Opportunities [Infographic]


An infographic looking at small businesses in California in 2014.

Japanese and Chinese Relations in 2014


Japan and China are neighbors in the East Asian region. They are both dominant nations particularly in terms of their economy and military. These two countries boast of having the largest economies in Asia. The relationship between Japan and China, however, has been marred by disputes in recent years. Various issues covering post war conflicts, […]

Is An ERP System Right For Your Business?

ERP abbreviation

If you find your business floundering at the end of each month, the time could be right for a change. If you’re having more and more difficulty making forecasts regarding sales, an ERP system may be right up your alley. You could take a risk and just deal with business failure afterwards but it’s much […]

Businesses that Can Withstand Bad Economic Times


Recession may have encouraged people to think more before jumping into business but it has not been successful in completely obliterating interest in putting up businesses.  It would appear that there will always be people who will try to put up businesses in spite of hard times.  This is just as well since there is […]

Can Home Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

As the recent hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc in many homes in the U.S., people are asking what type of damages can their home insurance cover? Is a basic coverage enough to protect them and their families? For those who were affected and those who were spared, it’s about time you learn that not every home […]

The Debate Over Fossil Fuels

Source: Best MPH Programs The use of fossil fuels has long been debated. In the U.S., some sectors are asking for its abolition owing to the pollution it brings. Fossil fuels include coal, natural gas and oil. Coal is the most popular type of fossil fuel and the U.S. has 500 billion tons of coal […]

Percentage of Wealth

  Economic and political observers have been hinting at it for a while before it actually came – the rise of the 99% of the population which do not belong to the wealthiest 1% of society or at least a preview of it.    Occupy Wall Street (OWS) introduced itself to America on September 17, 2011 via […]

Amino Acid Industry Booming in China

Various financial experts, as reported by Reuters, Bloomberg and other creditable business news agencies are picking up on a story coming out of China, by CCM International Ltd– representing a new niche investment opportunity. As the report states: China has became an important production and consumption base of amino acids around the world with improvement […]

Web hosting technologies for video streaming

Web hosting has made it possible for anyone from anywhere in the world to host their own designed websites on the server that they provide for exchange of a small amount of money and hence make these websites accessible worldwide through World Wide Web. It is because of the advancement of such technologies that such […]