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When potential customers find your website, they’re looking for enough information about your products, services and company that they feel confident in deciding that either you have services they need or you do not.

If they decide the latter, they’ll exit out of your page in search of someone who can help them, and you’ve lost potential customers. Avoid preventable business losses by making sure that customers don’t have to search all over your website to find the information they need. One easy way to do this that your competitors may not have thought of: the About Us page. Increase your competitive edge just by making a few tiny adjustments to your webpage. Continue reading »

Social Media apps
These days it’s rare to encounter a large, recognizable brand that doesn’t have a steady and visible presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Unfortunately, when it comes to social media, many smaller and mid-sized businesses seem to be stuck in the younger sibling role of constantly having to play catch up. Public relations agency Zeno Group conducted a survey that found only 55 percent of small business executives — as opposed to 71 percent of executives at large companies — take their company’s social media reputation into account when making business decisions.

With Forbes noting that most owners are actually increasing their social media budgets, small and mid-sized business owners seem to be well aware this form of outreach is important. So why are they still lagging behind when it comes to efforts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus? One of the main reasons small business owners cite is that they simply don’t have enough time. Fortunately, there are several great ways for small companies to maintain healthy social media presences with minimal time requirements.  Continue reading »

Shoebox, your admninistrative assistance

For anyone who loathe doing the paperwork, Shoeboxed is the perfect companion.

New Orleans Pelican

The New Orleans’ pro basketball franchise recently announced it was officially doing away with its Hornets mascot, which was a holdover from the team’s relocation from Charlotte. While some fans have questioned the integrity of the pelican as a professional sports emblem, it’s important to remember what motivated the rebranding. The Hornets’ mascot never attached itself to New Orleans and fans were slow to embrace the transplanted team. Will the pelican logo strike fear into the hearts of competitors? Maybe not. But for the franchise, it’s not about intimidation — it’s about ownership.

In becoming the Pelicans — and honoring local wildlife with a strong presence in New Orleans and Louisiana — the basketball franchise is planting roots and identifying with its host city in a more direct way. Additionally, fans will be more likely to embrace a quirky, homegrown mascot than something generic or passed down from another city. The team’s change to the Pelicans can teach us a thing or two about the intelligence of rebranding. Continue reading »

There’s no doubt that the internet has become very useful to people since it was introduced in 1994 or nearly two decades ago. With this technology, numerous tasks can now be easily done online and communicating from anywhere in the world is possible in real time.

internet technology

In its first year alone, the internet had already gained 16 million users. In a span of 10 years, the number of people using it reached more than 800 million and in 2012, the number has peaked at more than 2.4 billion, according to Internet World Stats. Along with this development, the growth of internet service providers had also been noted.

Today, not only private individuals are using the technology because businesses of all sizes are also now making full use of it in their operations. Among those that are actively using the world wide web in their daily operations, many have reported success in various areas from faster communication and sharing of important documents to gaining more clients and achieving their sales goals.
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A blog that does not command any online presence is every blogger’s nightmare.  If you are among the many people who have decided to use the blogging platform to promote your ideas, products, or services, then you are definitely aiming to establish a strong blog presence.  Businesses need to be marketed and you should know that by now.  You should also know that you will need to promote your blog if you are to expect positive results from it.

There is no such thing as a do-it-all magic in successfully marketing a business.  Even in the online world, you cannot expect prospective customers to find you if you do not lead the way. (BSE) can feature your blog so that people will know exactly where to find you and your business.

The proposition is simple:  Sign up to be a member of BSE and take advantage of its expertise in catapulting blogs from obscurity to popularity.  The process only requires interested parties to provide their blog details and pay $ 14.99 through the paypal gateway.  It only needs about a minute of your time.  Surely, that isn’t too much to ask in exchange for blog success.

Members are given the choice to take advantage of more advanced packages such as the Silver Package for $ 24.99, the Gold Package for $ 59.99, and the Platinum Package for $ 99.99.  The Platinum Package is considered the ultimate membership package since it provides many plusses such as the Bloggy Award Review, 30-day link on Eatonweb, 3-month listing at and a custom-made banner that will ensure much-needed exposure across BSE “Featured Blogs”section for 15 days.  Now that’s strong presence where it matters. Complete details can be viewed through

If you want your blog to more than just survive, establish a strong blog presence through relevant reviews and listing. 


amino acids

Various financial experts, as reported by Reuters, Bloomberg and other creditable business news agencies are picking up on a story coming out of China, by CCM International Ltd- representing a new niche investment opportunity.

As the report states:

China has became an important production and consumption base of amino acids around the world with improvement in production technology and demand from downstream industries.

The new edition report, Future of Amino Acid Industry in China, based on the 2001 edition, will provide a comprehensive and deep analysis of China’s amino acid industry in terms of production and consumption situation of amino acid in China in 2010, financial analysis of major producers and import and export situation of amino acid in China. The highlight of this report making the report different from others is that through the financial analysis of major amino acid producers and SWOT analysis of amino acid industry in China, the report will make forecast on supply and demand of amino acid in China to 2015 and help investors better grasp commercial opportunities.

The report also introduced the four production technology, including fermentation method, enzyme method, chemical synthesis method and protein hydrolysis method, among which fermentation method is preferred by most amino acid producers around the world thanks to its low production cost. Nowadays, about 22 of amino acids have realized industrial production through fermentation method around the world. Among these amino acids, four major amino acids (methionine, lysine, tryptophan and threonine) are used as additives in feed industry.

With rapid growth of health care products’ market in the world, demand for special kinds of amino acids, such as taurine and citrulline, is increasing all the time; even some amino acids for medicine use are also applied in health care products. Glutamic acid represents the largest product segment within the amino acids market and are mainly used in human food as glutamate including MSG. More information on the major market and the development of other amino acids products can all be expected in CCM’s new report.

This is great news for companies in this sector, such as Ajinomoto!

The recession is really taking a toll on everyone — even beer drinkers.

Because of the belt tightening measures almost all American households are implementing, everything is being cut down, even beer. There is a growing trend of beer drinkers now choosing cheaper priced brews when they buy them in supermarkets and stores. And this is a trend that the premium beer manufacturers are not happy about.

So what can you do? Well, if you’re Grupo Modelo SAB, the largest brewery in Mexico, you have to revisit some of your strategies. The company’s exports of its beers, including its top selling Corona, has declined by 5.3 percent in the first half of this year.

Modelo hsa said that it will be focusing on marketing to entice consumers to buy its beer. The obvious strategy of cutting prices to increase sales is not being entertained by the company because it will face higher input costs. One of its strategies is to even revive a popular ad it had in the 90′s as a way of stretching its marketing budget.

I don’t know about this strategy. Will beer drinkers buy expensive beer if they see an ad that’s more than ten years old? You have to be really drunk to get sold on that.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or spending too much time on the yacht) you know that cutting edge CEOs are blogging. And if Mark Cuban can do it, so can you. Here are a few tips for successful blogging.

  • Learn the lingo
    A blog is a singular entity. Each entry you write is called a post. Nothing destroys net cred like mentioning how many blogs you’ve written on your blog this week.
  • Strike the right balance
    It’s important to maintain your superiority while also coming across as one of ‘them’ – all those masses who buy the crap your company sells. Espouse the American Dream at every opportunity.
  • Stick to business
    While you may have gotten the idea that all blogs feature snapshopts of babies and tales of woe at the supermarket, remember that no one’s sympathetic when your Rolls is in the shop or the jet was grounded for weather.
  • Know that you’re not cool
    No matter how many times you heard your kid, or grandkid, or the Joe Bros say it, you can’t pull it off. K Beeyatch? Stay away from teen speak. Just saying.
  • Never talk money
    Your own that is – no matter how stoked you are for tat $10 million bonus, do NOT share your enthusiasm with your readers. Complaining about your tax bracket, ivy league tuition payments, and upkeep on the Hamptons home is also a bad idea.

Most important, give of yourself when you blog. Take the time to sit down and write something of value. It’s not like you’re busy doing anything else.

Website hosting, a very common feature in the world of web technology today, briefly refers to the presentation of the respective websites of certain concerned individuals as well as various business enterprises, by means of which the respective websites are made available to the World Wide Web. In general, the web hosts act as servers that provide internet connectivity for the respective websites, as well as for the purpose of promoting and advertising them in front of the world market. Cheap website hosting is a prominent feature in the modern generation, acting as a cost effective measure for all those websites which urgently need to be branded or promoted for certain specific purposes. Web hosting, with its wide range of scope, is becoming more a necessity than a luxury. The basic requirement is a web page, where uploading of files can be done.

The internet service providers generally offer free service to the required customers in this regard. Personal web hosting is regarded as a form of cheap website hosting. Business websites are generally hosted at a certain expense, which can be high or low, depending upon whether the customer requires cheap website hosting, or expensive web hosting.

Personal web hosting requires only a single page hosting, whereas on the other hand, website hosting for the intellectual business websites prefer the creation of a database, which stores data in the form of several files, and requires the use of several application development software.

In the end, I would rather like to conclude by saying that in order to make a website popular today, web hosting always steps in to provide an indispensable service in this regard. But, I would suggest that it should be cheap website hosting, for your own personal gains.

With a good calling card in your pocket, you can pretty much ignore any worries you might have with regards to your phone bills and the charges you’re paying every month for your phone services. Truth is, calling cards are no longer only useful to people who travel a lot or talk on the phone a lot in general – nowadays, a calling card can be really beneficial to just about every consumer, even those who seldom pick up the phone over the month. It just takes finding the deal that’s truly suited for you.

And that starts with an overview of your monthly phone-related expenses. Try to figure out what kind of card would give you the most benefits – in most cases, free calling should be one of the first things to look for in the card’s plan, though you should also be careful with it (as some tend to use it to lure you into their deals). Look for the scheduling on the card’s payments, too – if it’s a rechargeable card, in some cases you may even be able to get a long-term deal where you continuously charge the card with money and get savings.

As someone who’s wise about their finances though, you should never rush your choice of calling card – e.g. don’t be lured by promises of free calling immediately as we mentioned above. Study the situation carefully and know what to expect, and you’ll end up a happy consumer in the end.


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