Your Business’s Secret Weapon: the About Us Page

When potential customers find your website, they’re looking for enough information about your products, services and company that they feel confident in deciding that either you have services they need or you do not. If they decide the latter, they’ll exit out of your page in search of someone who can help them, and you’ve […]

Conducting Your Small Business’s Social Media Campaign When You Don’t Have Time

These days it’s rare to encounter a large, recognizable brand that doesn’t have a steady and visible presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Unfortunately, when it comes to social media, many smaller and mid-sized businesses seem to be stuck in the younger sibling role of constantly having to play catch up. Public relations […]

Birds and Bees: New Orleans, Basketball and Branding

The New Orleans’ pro basketball franchise recently announced it was officially doing away with its Hornets mascot, which was a holdover from the team’s relocation from Charlotte. While some fans have questioned the integrity of the pelican as a professional sports emblem, it’s important to remember what motivated the rebranding. The Hornets’ mascot never attached […]

Internet Growth in the Business World

There’s no doubt that the internet has become very useful to people since it was introduced in 1994 or nearly two decades ago. With this technology, numerous tasks can now be easily done online and communicating from anywhere in the world is possible in real time. In its first year alone, the internet had already […]

Establishing Strong Blog Presence

A blog that does not command any online presence is every blogger’s nightmare.  If you are among the many people who have decided to use the blogging platform to promote your ideas, products, or services, then you are definitely aiming to establish a strong blog presence.  Businesses need to be marketed and you should know […]

Amino Acid Industry Booming in China

Various financial experts, as reported by Reuters, Bloomberg and other creditable business news agencies are picking up on a story coming out of China, by CCM International Ltd– representing a new niche investment opportunity. As the report states: China has became an important production and consumption base of amino acids around the world with improvement […]

From the Archives: When Beer Drinking Faces Recession

The recession is really taking a toll on everyone — even beer drinkers. Because of the belt tightening measures almost all American households are implementing, everything is being cut down, even beer. There is a growing trend of beer drinkers now choosing cheaper priced brews when they buy them in supermarkets and stores. And this […]

CEO’s Guide to Successful Blogging

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or spending too much time on the yacht) you know that cutting edge CEOs are blogging. And if Mark Cuban can do it, so can you. Here are a few tips for successful blogging. Learn the lingo A blog is a singular entity. Each entry you write is […]


Website hosting, a very common feature in the world of web technology today, briefly refers to the presentation of the respective websites of certain concerned individuals as well as various business enterprises, by means of which the respective websites are made available to the World Wide Web. In general, the web hosts act as servers […]

Calling Cards – Wise Consumers’ Hidden Weapon

With a good calling card in your pocket, you can pretty much ignore any worries you might have with regards to your phone bills and the charges you’re paying every month for your phone services. Truth is, calling cards are no longer only useful to people who travel a lot or talk on the phone […]