Real Estate Investing for Retirement

Risk is part of any investment. We know that.

But if you understand diversification, you put yourself ahead of the game. You no longer put all of your eggs in one basket – a true recipe for disaster.

While there’s been a debate on exactly how to diversify, most experts agree that real estate is a stable addition. Not only do you own a hard asset for potential cash inflow, you’re likely to see a higher rate of return than owning a stock, especially if you can own part of a Class-A property. Continue reading »

Jeff Bezos

“We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO,, one of the world’s most recognized e-commerce sites and one of the most successful startups to come out of the United States, was founded in 1994 by legendary Internet entrepreneur and investor  Jeff Bezos.  Bezos – who has since also founded Blue Origin, a startup human spaceflight company and recently, acquired the storied Washington Post – has become a virtual demigod and guru among tech entrepreneurs and is an influential figure in the startup space. Forbes Magazine lists him among the 15 most powerful people in America and he ranks number 12 in the Forbes 400 list. In their profile, they describe him as such: Continue reading »

Shoebox, your admninistrative assistance

For anyone who loathe doing the paperwork, Shoeboxed is the perfect companion.

I love supporting small businesses. I buy local whenever I can, and I have great admiration for those who run these businesses. I”ve thought about starting one up myself. However, before jumping into launching a business, there are some essential things to consider once you have a business plan but before you actually set up shop. Continue reading »

There appears to be a big interest among people nowadays to learn a foreign language. Frequent travelers seems to profit from it and employers appear to prefer hiring people who have proficiency in more than one language. Obviously, there is a market but does this guarantee a profitable business?


The Actual Need for Language Learning

There is no question that there is market niche for language learning schools. The global outlook of most individuals and companies have taken cared of this. No longer are people and companies contented in staying in their places of origin to see places and do business. The world has become the target destination and target market all at the same time.

In language learning, the most obvious source will be the language schools. It will be the the kind of school that people intent in learning a foreign language will look for since it provides the very reason for studying. Language learning is usually done one at a time so that students can concentrate on the task at hand. If the intent is to learn the Thai language , then obviously students will have to enroll themselves in a Thai school or a school that specifically offers Thai language learning.

Available Options for Language Learning

There are actually other options for foreign language  learning such as those offered online. However, face-to-face learning is always the best whenever possible because of the opportunities for interaction with instructors and other students. Language learning is primarily facilitated by actual use and practice.

That is why there is additional advantage in opting for a language school located in the country wherein the desired language is widely used. There is a marked difference between book learning for example and learning in an environment where such learning can at once be practiced. Given these realities, language schools have extensive potentials for profitability because of the ongoing need.

Profitability Potentials of Language Schools

In business, there is no such thing as a sure success. Not even a proven business formula can assure absolute success in all situations. However, a business that stands to address an existing need is in a definite advantage.

This is where language schools have the advantage. To better ensure success, other factors must be taken into consideration. This would include all the usual considerations that have been proven to work. Some of these are visibility of location, quality employees which are instructors in this case, and a language learning program that actually works.

Many of us commit mistakes in our investments, sometimes because of the unpredictability of markets, our inexperience, or sometimes because of our emotions. To help you avoid these mistakes and earn more from your investments, you need to get to know them better. Here are the common investing mistakes you should know more about.

Mistake #1: Putting all your eggs in one basket

You’ve probably heard this axiom before. Since we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, we need to put our money not just in one investment but several different types of assets. A diversified portfolio of investments can yield better returns with lower exposure to risk. Putting all your eggs in one basket puts you at risk because you can lose all your investments at once. Continue reading »

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Under the Foreign Business Act or FBA, foreigners are generally prohibited or restricted from engaging in business while in Thailand.  However, an alien business operation permit can be obtained from the Director-General of the Department of Commercial Registration with the Foreign Business Committee’s approval.  Foreigners operating businesses in Thailand are subject to the provisions of the law.

According to the FBA, there are three main categories that businesses can fall under.  The first category provides for absolute prohibition on foreigners to engage in specific businesses including newspaper, radio broadcasting or television station business; rice farming; animal farming; forestry and wood fabrication from natural forest; fishery for marine animals in Thai waters; extraction of Thai herbs; trading and auctioning Thai antiques or national historical objects; making or casting Buddha images and monk bowls, and land trading.  The only exception to this prohibition needs to be embodied in a special law or treaty.

There are businesses in Thailand which foreign ownership is deemed critical but have been allowed prior to the enactment of FBA and were required to obtain a Special Alien Business License.  These businesses belong to the second category which prohibits opening of new businesses by foreigners unless a Special Permission is successfully obtained from the Minister with the approval of the Cabinet.  These are businesses related to national safety or security as well as those related to arts, culture, tradition, folk handicrafts, or natural resource and environment.

The third category consists of businesses wherein Thais are deemed not yet ready to compete with foreigners.  These would include rice milling and flour production, fishery, forestry, production of plywood, veneer board, chipboard or hardboard; production of lime; accounting service business, legal service business, architecture service business, engineering service business, construction subject to some exceptions; auction subject to specific exceptions; internal trade subject to provisions of law; food retail and wholesale; advertising, hotel, guided tours, food and beverage selling; and plant cultivation and propagation.  Approval for operating businesses under this category is similar to the second category.

Because it is highly complicated for a foreigner to establish a business in Thailand, many opt to operate under a Thai company as a Thai Limited Company.  The use of Thai Nominee shareholders to circumvent prohibition on foreign ownership is a loophole being sought to be remedied by the government.  Closely related to foreign business ownership are the prohibition on foreign land ownership.

About the Guest Blogger

Jeremy is a business entrepreneur presently looking into the possibilities of opening a business in Thailand.  He is currently enrolled in a local school to learn Thai.

Franchising is a business option that allows for the use of a successful business model provided by a franchiser to a franchisee. Each of the parties involved in a franchise agreement has responsibilities to perform and interests to protect.  In a sense, the success of the franchiser would depend on the franchisee’s performance although it is a fact that there must already be an existing successful model.

Franchisees are naturally attracted to a successful business operation.  The appeal is greater to some when compared with putting up one’s business idea from scratch because everything has been prepared for convenient business operation.  Profit potential is also bigger since the franchisee has a direct stake on the business.

Franchised businesses employ a considerable number of people in different parts of the world regardless of the location of the mother company.  Thus, we see familiar names such as McDonald’s,  Hampton Inn and Shell Gasoline Stations almost anywhere we go. Franchise names represent a certain standard usually associated with excellence in a particular industry.

The main advantage of franchising to franchisers is the possibility for expansion with less investment since the franchisees will be required to put up the additional capital to open new locations.  The rate of return is also higher for franchisers since the financial risk is usually shouldered by franchisees.  The increased visibility also adds value to the franchise.

Franchisees for their part can maximize their earning potentials by knowing how to negotiate the license.  Fees must be fully disclosed and a business plan must be in place.  Franchisors must assure franchisees of protection in their territory

Reflecting on our finances

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Simply put, a financial planner is a professional who helps you strategise and achieve your financial plans. If you’ve ever thought about organising and plotting your finances, then here are several good reasons to consult a financial planner.

Reason #1: To manage your finances

Some people have complex finances, while others just don’t have the capability, time or self-control to manage their own. Either way, many of us need help in handling our funds. That’s where a financial planner comes in: they can determine your net value, assess your current fiscal situation, and help you identify your financial goals. From there, your financial planner can also suggest what strategies you can use to help you earn more and maximise your money. Continue reading »

Online banking provides several benefits over regular banking. For this reason online banking has become much more common over the last 10 years. It has even gained immense popularity in older generations. By trying out online banking you will open up a plethora of new features that will make your life that much easier and convenient. Below is a detailed list of some of the major benefits of online banking.

Continue reading »

A personal loan is very useful at times when you intend to make a major purchase or at times when unexpected expenses come up. But not all personal loans are the same, nor are the companies that offer them. You can save a lot of money by taking time to compare one personal loan from the other, and making sure that you choose the best deal available. Below are some of the most important things to consider when planning to get a personal loan.

Continue reading »


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