Surviving Business Failure

All businesses start with a bright prospect of success and profit. Somewhere along the line, some will have to face the reality of business failure.  What are the options left for an entrepreneur with a failed business?

There are various reasons why businesses fail.  One very important reason is starting the business for the wrong reasons.  Earning profit is a good enough reason since any productive business seeks to achieve this. However, if that is the only motivating reason, the business owner will not have much to lean on during the most difficult time of starting a business. Running away from an employee status to become the employer without having much preparation is a big mistake especially if it is done out of spite to the former employer.  Wanting to have more time to spend with the family cannot be guaranteed by a business since it would require more work because of the added responsibility.

Having insufficient capital to start with puts a business on shaky ground from the very start.  Poor management and lack of planning will certainly drag  any business down.  Poor choice of location and over-expansion are contributing factors to business failure.

What does a business owner do when failure becomes a reality?  It is so simplistic to say that one should learn from mistakes and then start over but there is no other way to go about it.  In surviving business failure however, owners need to look at the accomplishments as well as the mistakes.  In so doing, there will still be enough spirit to try again.

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