From Employee to Employer

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A lot of employees dream of becoming employers someday as they gain experience and exposure to the operations of a business.  Many will start to see the advantages of owning their own businesses instead of just working for another.  The transition from employee to employer is very much possible but it is not easy as some would like to think.

Opening a business requires capital, business knowledge, a clear plan, and loads of confidence and determination.  These will have to have their equivalent in financial stability, relevant education or training, relevant experience, and physical as well as mental preparation.  It is not something that can be done overnight and therefore should not be pursued hurriedly.

Many employees make the costly mistake of burning bridges with their former employers without realizing that they are the best reference in a soon-to-open business.  Support from former employers is impossible to obtain if employees leave their jobs without giving proper notice.  Some employers are even willing to entertain former employees as possible business associates because of the business relationship that has already been established as employee-employer on the work environment.

It is good marketing strategy to disseminate information of the proposed business to officemates before leaving the company since they can also provide important opportunities.  Employees thinking of becoming employers should start learning how to interact with other people in the role in which they envision themselves to be.  Lastly, employees should learn from the strength and weaknesses of their employers so they can use such learning to their advantage.

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