Everyday apps you don’t want to be without

A generation ago, cellphones revolutionized the way we lived, worked and stayed connected. Today, smartphones are doing the same thing. Phone apps are making it possible to do things most of us never imagined. Some apps are fun but not essential, and others are too specialized to have wide appeal. But there’s a growing number of apps that come in handy on a day-to-day basis. Following are a few of them:

Save money

The Smart Tools app could find a home in any of the four categories named here, but its ability to multitask lands it a spot as a money saver. It gives you access to more than 15 different tools such as a flashlight, a level, a compass and a tape measure, and more tools are added regularly. With so many functions you’ll find a use for it every day. Smart Tools is available for Android.

The GasBuddy, available for Android and iPhone, compares gas prices in your neighborhood and lets you know where to find the lowest rates. This app has a nice interactive feature; you can help build the database by reporting gas prices on the GasBuddy website.

Save time

Ever wish there was an easy way to transfer the data from your phone to another phone? The Bump application for Android and iPhone makes that possible, by establishing a temporary link between two phones. As the name implies, users bump phones together to share information. Both phones need to install Bump for the transfer to work, but the app is free and simple to use.

Any.DO is like a personal assistant that reminds you of appointments, meetings and to return phone calls. It can sync with a Google Tasks account and integrate all the online calendars you use into one user friendly document. Add tasks to Any.DO by typing or speaking them into the phone.

Be smart

No one enjoys being late, and with Alarm Clock Ultra for Android you’ll never have to be late again. This innovative app forces the user to solve a puzzle in order to turn off the alarm. Doubters who’ve “tried everything” to wake up in the morning can try this app for free before purchasing.

Having trouble keeping track of all your belongings? The Digital Locker app helps you solve that problem by giving you a method to organize pictures of items in your house according to which room it’s in. You’ll be organized and, in case of a burglary or natural disaster, you’ll have a record of what was lost or stolen.

Apps are more than addictive games and funny ringtones. Some are serious tools that make everyday life easier and more productive. Most apps are inexpensive to purchase – some are even free – so there’s no reason not to try a few out. The worse that could happen is that a favorite app might become the best thing about your smartphone!

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