Life After Financial Ruin

A person in the midst of a very serious financial debacle would certainly question if there is life after financial ruin.  Hitting the bottom of one’s finance ladder does not only hurt the pockets.  It hurts the very core of the person, threatening to destroy his very essence, his family, his work, and just about anything that is important to him.

Why this is so is not difficult to understand.  In the world we live in, our self-worth is often tied up with how much money we make, how much money we have stacked somewhere for our retirement, how much money we can afford to splurge and enjoy the moment.  Even if self-worth and wealth are not exactly synonymous, it would appear that they are, at least in the human dictionary of real living.

When every material thing is gone especially after having worked for them for a long time, it is nothing less than devastating.  Financial ruin can result from careless handling of finances, from being taken advantage of by other people, by an unexpected downturn in the economy, or by just a single wrong decision in life.  Some say that it took them by complete surprise that they never knew what hit them until they found themselves longing for the comfortable life they once had.

Being run after by creditors and collection agencies is quite humiliating and degrading.  This is the part where financial downfall gets very difficult because it is like rubbing salt to an open wound.  It may sound like a cliche but it is true that once people hit rock bottom, there is no other way to go but up.  Financial ruin brings emotional distress and physical unwellness so it would be best to face it and work for the solution.  Professional counseling both for financial and psychological reasons can bring out in the open possible options towards resolving the situation which may not be too obvious in a confused state of mind.


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