Companies and organizations around the world today benefit greatly from cloud-based services. Not surprising at all because apart from the convenience they provide, they are also cheaper and do not involve software installation.

This is one of the reasons why the software as a service or SaaS model has exploded and is being take advantage of today. With developments in mobile technology and the cloud market, investors and boards are also putting their money in new SaaS companies while at the same time pushing their so-called on-premise companies to pure SaaS models. It is estimated that global spending on SaaS could reach $45.6 billion by 2017 as more organizations utilize the cloud technology in an effort to improve their productivity and meet new market opportunities.

For their part, venture capitalists are now funding SaaS, big data and mobile software while private equity groups are seriously considering funding traditional on-premise software firms in order to transition to the Saas model. Continue reading »


In 2013, Italy, Spain and Britain had a sizable increase in their GDP calculations compared to previous years. Reports that came out this year showed Spain with a 2.5% raise, from €26.2 billion to €1.05 trillion. The United Kingdom’s GDP likewise had a boost of 0.9 percent from April to June 2014, quite a rapid rise, thanks to illegal drugs and prostitution.  Not coincidentally, for the first time, these black market trades are being figured in officially in UK’s computation of its gross domestic product estimate.  Italy is a latecomer, and will only start including illegal drug sales and prostitution in its GDP estimates in 2014. It is an ironic twist of fate that all three countries have a Catholic background, with Italy and Spain having a predominantly Roman Catholic population. England broke away from Rome and the Catholic Church in the 16th century but majority of its people still practice Christianity. Continue reading »

Shoebox, your admninistrative assistance

For anyone who loathe doing the paperwork, Shoeboxed is the perfect companion.


There’s no doubt that the Korean American community has been growing by leaps and bounds in the past few years. From Gangnam Style to K-Pop, Bulgogi Taco Food Trucks to BB Cream, Korea-mania has swept through the world, especially America, like nothing else.

For politicians, of course, this also means another thing: a powerful body of voters. The Washington Post recently reported on “election-year pandering” currently happening in the U.S., specifically in Northern Virginia.

In the open-seat race in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, the Republican candidate, state Del. Barbara Comstock, is promising that, if elected, she will attempt to insert Congress into a dispute between South Korea and Japan. The dispute involves prodding states to buy school textbooks that challenge the name of the Sea of Japan, which many Koreans insist should be called the East Sea. Ms. Comstock’s Democratic opponent, Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust, chimed in that he would do the same. (Source)

The Post calls it a “bitter dispute”- and it is, one which has been making headlines lately, along with constant coverage of the Korean comfort women statue and the Pope’s recent visit to South Korea.


Perhaps most interestingly, the article directly addresses the comfort women issue, and wonders about the “memorial garden” set up in tribute to them behind the Fairfax County Government Center:

There’s no dispute about the anguish and abuse suffered by so-called comfort women, many of them Korean, who were forced into brothels to service Japanese soldiers. But what other ethnic, national or historical grievances will Fairfax agree to memorialize at its government center? Irish repression at the hands of the British? The Armenian genocide perpetuated by the Turks? The 14th-century Battle of Kosovo, in which the Serbs were wiped out by the Ottomans?

It is no surprise that these historical issues, many of which should have been laid to rest decades ago when the war ended and the Japanese government issued a public apology on the matter, are being politicized today. As the article points out, Virginia has 82,000 ethnic Koreans, vastly outnumbering ethnic Japanese in the state.

Real Estate Investing for Retirement

Risk is part of any investment. We know that.

But if you understand diversification, you put yourself ahead of the game. You no longer put all of your eggs in one basket – a true recipe for disaster.

While there’s been a debate on exactly how to diversify, most experts agree that real estate is a stable addition. Not only do you own a hard asset for potential cash inflow, you’re likely to see a higher rate of return than owning a stock, especially if you can own part of a Class-A property. Continue reading »

Going to law school is a huge challenge. It requires perseverance, patience, developing the right study habits as well as analytical and reasoning skills. Then after completing the degree, one has to take the bar exams and pass it in order to practice the profession. Unfortunately, not all law graduates pass the bar on first take hence, the need to review once more and retake the exam.

In the U.S., pursuing law school after completing an undergraduate degree typically takes three years to complete for a full-time student. Any bachelor’s degree is accepted in a law program although those who have a background in criminal justice, history, political science or philosophy are at an advantage.

Legal education is expensive and it’s not always that graduates can immediately find appropriate employment after graduating and passing the bar exam. Law schools are also being criticized today for their failure to respond to the demand for lawyers and for using the “sales practice” approach to keep up with the stiff competition for students.


The latest development is the adoption of a resolution by the American Bar Association (ABA) calling on law schools to implement curriculum programs that will develop practice-ready lawyers. This is to ensure that graduates are equipped with the right skills to help them succeed in the early stages of their law practice. New lawyers are expected to provide more competent professional legal services sooner than later whether they work for law firms or organizations or represent clients in their own capacity. Continue reading »


While the global economy is driven by corporations whose main goal is to make a profit for their stockholders, there is also a special place for nonprofit corporations who hold other ideals as priority. Both entity types need a certain structure in place to make sure operations run smoothly; and with nonprofits, while there is a wide range of niches - you may be looking to start a nonprofit organization to help educate children or to spread awareness for a certain medical condition or to help ease poverty in a certain area – you need to know how to implement an effective nonprofit corporate structure. This is to ensure that your organization runs smoothly and focuses on its most important goals. Continue reading »

Corporate legal departments and how they perform are expected to be in sync with the overall business. They are to function by providing the best support for the needs of the executive management.  The main goals at hand are to improve matter outcomes and mitigate legal risks associated with doing business.

What is Legal Matter Management?

Legal Matter Management is the offered solution to enable legal departments of companies and corporations to simplify the work of lawyers and legal staff. Doing so is expected to redound to the benefit of the business. It is not only expected to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing between and among internal team members but likewise with external team members like a criminal defense lawyer.

Tools used in Legal Matter Management makes it possible to create an information repository for storing important data. This is expected to improve the decision-making processes of businesses. The legal department for its part will be able to stay aligned with company operations as it manages its own workflow.

The Importance of Moving as One

As companies grow bigger, the establishment of various departments to handle specific tasks is inevitable. Each will have its own specific goals but always pointing to the overall company goal. It is not possible for departments to be working on their own without some primary force leading them on. The importance of moving as one cannot be emphasized enough.

A matter portfolio maintained by the legal department for example can easily illustrate the relationship between costs, financial business risks, department workloads, and the participation of outside counsel. Obviously, the data contained in this portfolio is not only in the interest of the legal department but also of the finance department and the human resource department. Having ready consolidated information makes it easy for everyone concerned to access them and make use of them in relation to their own departments. It will also make it easy for companies to decide whether or not outside specialized services will be required.

Business Intelligence

The so-called Business Intelligence refers to the ability to understand the interrelationship between the facts at hand for the purpose of guiding actions towards the accomplishment of common business goals. Successful businesses have proven that the ability to make swift critical decisions is one of the major components for their success. Only the proper management of available data can make that possible.



Most of us would have been told often enough that we need to play by the rules if we want to have a good credit record. That is generally how it happens but the computation of credit scores isn’t actually that simple. A lot of seemingly harmless little monetary slips might unknowingly put us in the red in the eyes of those who matter – the creditors, and the results will not always be fair. Continue reading »

An infographic looking at small businesses in California in 2014.

Via: California Bank & Trust Business Banking

Japan and China are neighbors in the East Asian region. They are both dominant nations particularly in terms of their economy and military. These two countries boast of having the largest economies in Asia.

The relationship between Japan and China, however, has been marred by disputes in recent years. Various issues covering post war conflicts, territorial and political disputes have been highlighted by the media putting the two countries under scrutiny by nations around the world.


History of the Japanese-Chinese Relations

Geographically, Japan and China are situated near each other and separated by a narrow stretch of ocean.

Not many people know that China had a strong influence over Japan. This covers its architecture, culture, writing system, religion and philosophy. Continue reading »


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